Louder Than Words is a feature length documentary film that follows two families as they deal with the struggles and controversy in trying to break the barriers between the hearing and deaf worlds for the benefit of their children. The cochlear implant is a controversial procedure that has created opportunities for some deaf individuals but has also drawn the resentment of much of the deaf community. Composed by local Janesville Resident Matthew Hollingsworth, who will hold a 15 minute talk back at the conclusion of the screening. Part of Local Talent Month.

Cost:  $5 (Free Parking)
Location: Janesville Performing Arts Center - 408 S Main St - Janesville, WI 53545
Categorized as: Educational, Entertainment
Phone: 608-758-0297
Things for Teens: Yes
Date(s):  1/5/18 7:30 PM-9:30 PM