Janesville’s Coffee Compass

Find your way to the best spots for coffee in Janesville! Mocha Moment For the coziest coffee shop, check out Mocha Moment – an unexpected escape right in the middle of Janesville with the most delicious drinks and homemade morning pick-me-ups from the bakery. The outdoor deck overlooks peaceful woods with a view that’s perfect [Read More…]

Date Posted | March 23, 2023

Your Friday Night Fish Fry Guide in Janesville

An iconic Wisconsin staple is the Friday night fish fry. The list goes on and on for tasty Janesville restaurants that put their own spin on this dinnertime classic. For now, here are five restaurants to get you started. We want to hear it from you! Where is your favorite place to enjoy one of [Read More…]

Date Posted | March 15, 2023

In History We Trust: Black History Symbolism in Janesville’s Public Art

By Jeff Henriquez, artist behind “In History We Trust” The mural “In History We Trust” is a piece created for the 100th year anniversary of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote in America. The reason I gave it this title is because even though women were technically allowed to vote, the first [Read More…]

Date Posted | February 09, 2023

10 Things to Look Forward to in 2023

1. Art Infusion 2023 will not only bring another year of talented artists to Janesville but also new plaques added to the beautiful murals completed in 2022 during Art Infusion. These plaques will feature mural names along with a QR code that redirects to a voice recording of the artist describing the mural and the [Read More…]

Date Posted | January 25, 2023

Janesville Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Shopping local during the holiday season not only means great gifts for your loved ones, but it also means giving a gift back to the people behind the counter and to our community as a whole. This Holiday Gift Guide makes it easy to find the perfect presents for anyone on your list. * These [Read More…]

Date Posted | December 08, 2022

Top Six Ways to Add Magic to Your Holiday Season in Janesville

Each year Janesville, Wisconsin’s Great Outside draws visitors from around the region to enjoy heart-warming holiday cheer at fun events like the Holiday Light Show, Janesville’s Jolly Jingle and more than 60 others. Janesville’s family-friendly atmosphere, affordability and convenient  location make it simple for you to visit. We are less than 2 hours from Chicago and Milwaukee, [Read More…]

Date Posted | November 01, 2022

Family Outdoor Adventures in Janesville Wisconsin

Story and photos by Cheryl – O the Places We Go I’ve had Janesville, Wisconsin on my radar for a while and this summer we finally visited. True to its name as The Great Outside, our family found a plethora of outdoor activities: hike the Ice Age Trail, kayak, view public art, admire the gardens, [Read More…]

Date Posted | August 15, 2022

Hey, Ho Let’s Grow! What to look forward to at Rotary Botanical Gardens in 2022

By: Michael Jesiolowski – Rotary Botanical GardensDirector of Horticulture Holiday Light Show displays taken down? Check! Plant Sale plants ordered? Check! Freezingtemperatures gone? Well, maybe not so much. Even though the temperatures are still chilly, the signs of spring are unmistakable. Snow is melting, birds are singing, and plants are awakening from their months long [Read More…]

Date Posted | March 24, 2022

The Best Things to Do in Janesville, WI

By Melody Pittman of Wherever I May Roam Blog My visit to Wisconsin was such a blast. To say Janesville blew me away would be an understatement. From a nationally-recognized water ski show team to gorgeous, artsy murals, there are great things to see and do there. Here are the best things to do in [Read More…]

Date Posted | March 01, 2022

How to Celebrate Black Excellence in Janesville

By Paquita Purnell, owner of Blessed Divine Creations When I think about Black History Month and what it means to me, I get so excited because it is our chance to celebrate our history, achievements, and Black excellence.  Black History Month was started in 1915 by Carter G. Woodson when he founded the Study for [Read More…]

Date Posted | January 26, 2022

10 things to look forward to in 2022

Without a doubt, Janesville is a community growing better with age. Each year we add more events, attractions, restaurants, and things to do. Meanwhile, our natural resources improve and continue to provide the premier Wisconsin’s Great Outside experience. Here are just some of the things we are looking forward to in 2022 in Janesville. 1. [Read More…]

Date Posted | December 23, 2021

2021 Janesville Holiday Gift Guide

We believe the perfect holiday gift is personal, one-of-a-kind, and supports our community. Shopping local in Janesville has never been easier with the help from our 2021 Janesville Area Holiday Gift Guide! With help from some of our jolliest local businesses, we have curated a list of must-have items from stores that make our community [Read More…]

Date Posted | November 19, 2021

Discover Trail Running on the Ice Age Trail in Janesville

Article by Stephanie Dannenberg, running coach at Ornery Mule Racing and regional director of the Arbor Ridge Trail Race. You can’t talk about trail running in Wisconsin without mentioning the extensive 1,200 mile long National Scenic Ice Age Trail. The trail winds from the northwestern part of the state, down into a bowl towards the bottom [Read More…]

Date Posted | May 03, 2021

Explore a Portion of Janesville’s Trail System with Kelly Willoughby

Article by Kelly Willoughby. Hi there!  My name is Kelly Willoughby and I am an avid biking and running enthusiast. I have been exploring the outdoors for quite some time now and have discovered many beautiful places on my journeys. One of my favorites is the Janesville Trail System! What do walkers, joggers, bikers, and [Read More…]

Date Posted | April 19, 2021

Janesville, A Favorite Photography Destination

Photos and story by Kim Hoholek Hi, I am Kim Hoholek and I have been a photographer since the early 1990s. During that time I have photographed many beautiful scenes around this great state of Wisconsin but Janesville has become a favorite.  I hail from a very small area of Northern Wisconsin just south of [Read More…]

Date Posted | March 30, 2021