Top Twenty Spring Ideas for Fun in Janesville, Wisconsin THAT DON’T INVOLVE A CROWD

1. Walk the trails 2. Bike the trails and get ready for this summer’s Janesville Morning Rotary Annual Pie Ride 3. Hike the trails at Devil’s Staircase and the Robert O Cook Memorial Arboretum 4. Go fishing 5. Take your sweet, neglected pet for a long walk Artsy Exploration 1. Download the CLIO app and explore our [Read More…]

Date Posted | March 18, 2020

Weekend Getaway To Janesville, Wisconsin: The Best Things To Do

By Jill Dutton and Travel Awaits Photo courtesy of Facebook If you’re after an active weekend getaway, you’ll be pleased to find an abundance of beautiful parks and recreational areas in the mid-sized city of Janesville, Wisconsin. Janesville, located an hour and 30 minutes southwest of Milwaukee on the Rock River, features rolling hills, a [Read More…]

Date Posted | January 09, 2020

Top 6 Ways to Add Magic to Your 2019 Holiday Season in Janesville, WI

Each year Janesville, Wisconsin’s Great Outside draws visitors from around the region to enjoy heart-warming holiday cheer at fun events like the Holiday Light Show, Janesville’s Jolly Jingle and more than 60 others. Janesville’s affordability and convenient  location make it simple for you to visit. We are less than 2 hours from Chicago and Milwaukee, and less [Read More…]

Date Posted | October 25, 2019

3 Ways to Experience Janesville’s History

By Megan Bannister, Olio in Iowa …From unique museums to engaging walking tours, there are lots of ways to experience the unique history of Janesville, Wisconsin… Continue reading

Date Posted | August 30, 2019

Cheese Curds and Charm: The Perfect Girls’ Getaway in Janesville, Wisconsin

By Vanessa Orr You know when your host meets you at breakfast carrying two bags of Bucky Badger cheese curds that it’s going to be a great trip. But you really wouldn’t expect anything different when you’re visiting Wisconsin, which is not only the nation’s largest producer of cheese, but home to some of the [Read More…]

Date Posted | May 20, 2019

Getting Ready for Summer and Historic Walking Tours

By Rich Fletcher of Roam Around Tours Its midway through April and our Wisconsin springtime is proving fickle as usual. It has been a long winter and I am happy to finally see the daffodils blooming and the grass greening up. I hope that we have seen end of the snow for the season. As [Read More…]

Date Posted | April 23, 2019

Beautiful birding, right here in Janesville

Story and photos by Greg Peck A January trip to Janesville’s Hedberg Public Library to check out books on East Coast vacationing evolved into a miniature venture right here at home. The library is downtown on the Rock River, and I parked within view of floating ice chunks. I walked over for a closer look, [Read More…]

Date Posted | February 12, 2019

Fun Things to Do in Janesville Wisconsin…

Fun things to do in Janesville Wisconsin include a mix of downtown dining and shopping, outdoor activities, interesting history, and a top-rated botanical garden.  Read more

Date Posted | January 24, 2019

Explore Janesville’s Segment of the Rock River Trail with BackRoad Planet!

Explore the Rock River Trail, a network of scenic, historical, and recreational routes that parallel the Rock River through Wisconsin (including Janesville) and Illinois. Read the article

Date Posted | January 01, 2019

Top Ways to Add Sparkle to Your 2018 Holiday Season in Janesville, Wisconsin

Looking for a great way to celebrate the warmth of the holidays, rekindle your spirit and create special memories that last a lifetime? Visit Janesville, Wisconsin this holiday season!  Janesville is quickly becoming known for its array of festive holiday events and activities perfect for families, couples, friends or even a fun girlfriend getaway! Each year Janesville draws visitors from around the region to enjoy [Read More…] Continue reading Top Ways to Add Sparkle to Your Holiday Season in Janesville, Wisconsin

Date Posted | November 01, 2018

Four Fabulous Places to Eat in the Janesville Area

One of my favorite things about dining in this small community was the people I met along the way. At every turn, friendly servers and shopkeepers provided recommendations that went above and beyond my lunch order. Everyone I encountered was not only kind and helpful but also immensely proud of their community. Continue reading

Date Posted | October 12, 2018

3 Ways to Experience Janesville’s History

…From unique museums to engaging walking tours, there are lots of ways to experience the unique history of Janesville, Wisconsin… Continue reading

Date Posted | September 01, 2018

Janesville: A delicious day in Wisconsin’s Great Outside

…on a recent visit to Janesville I was also delighted to discover a burgeoning local food and drinks scene, a historic house museum with a link to presidential history, and a cozy bed and breakfast… Read more

Date Posted | August 08, 2018

Take a Tour at Janesville’s Wisconsin Wagon Company!

When visiting a new community, I love to get to know the more unique aspects of its history. In Janesville, Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Wagon Company holds a special place in the community’s heart and traditions. Read more

Date Posted | July 09, 2018

Explore Janesville’s Great Outside

The city of Janesville is located in the south of Wisconsin, just 25 minutes away from the Illinois border. It lays along the Rock River and offers a range of ways to get out and enjoy the outdoors, after all, it is known for the amount of parks and green spaces! Read more…

Date Posted | June 12, 2018