Mrs. Mary Margaret O'Brien is a former nun, who now works in the Archdiocese's main office. Recently, she was assigned to head the Archdiocese's new Fundraising Department and, pulling from her past as a nun, she has decided that bingo is the best way to raise funds. Not the regular bingo, however, but a specialized bingo that incorporates religious themes, humor, and actual bingo games. However, the Archdiocese is so poor, she doesn't have an assistant. So don't be surprised when Mrs. O'Brien heads into the audience to find a helper.

Cost:  $25 (Free Parking)
Location: Janesville Performing Arts Center - 408 S Main St - Janesville, WI 53545
Categorized as: Holiday & Seasonal, Theater
Phone: (608) 758-0297
Things for Kids: Yes
Things for Teens: Yes
Date(s):  This event has already passed.