The Children's Museum of Rock County and the Sterling North Society host this awesome virtual event. Rascal, a three-foot-tall wood cutout raccoon and the namesake of the beloved children's novel by Sterling North, will be traveling to eleven locations around Rock County. Rascal will stay at each 'selfie spot' location for one week. Three clues about Rascal's upcoming location will be posted each week to the event. Participants must then find Rascal and post a selfie with #CMRCRascal in the comments section of the weekly 'I've moved!' post. Participants will be entered for a weekly prize drawing and the grand prize drawing. Event runs October 3 through December 19.

Location: Various Locations - - Rock County, WI
Categorized as: Community Events, Kids & Family
Date(s):  10/3/20-12/19/20