Wisconsin is known for the likes of Frank Lloyd Wright and Harry Houdini. But Wisconsin has left an indelible mark on media history as well. Presenter Brian Schanen tells the tale of 3 of those stories: The creation of stop motion photography by H.H. Bennett, the "Motown of Blues" in Grafton Wisconsin, and establishment of the Barnum Circus in Delevan (a root of advertising). The landscape of what is colloquially know as "the media" would look very different if it were not for the efforts in Wisconsin.

Cost:  Free (Free Parking)
Location: Cedar Crest Retirement Community - 1702 S River Rd - Janesville, WI 53546
Categorized as: Community Events, Educational, History & Heritage
Phone: (608) 373-6304
Date(s):  10/6/22 2:00 PM