The entertainer known as Liberace was known as the consummate showman, someone who loved to perform and did so with pizzazz and excess. Born W?adziu Valentino Liberace in West Allis, Wisconsin, Liberace's ascent (eventually becoming the highest paid entertainer in the world), and initial rise to stardom can be explained in part by his familial networks, working class background, and a confluence of opportunities that existed for the young performer in Depression-era Milwaukee. Lecturer Anna Hajdik provides a window into Liberace's relationship with his hometown, but also considers how his career trajectory evolved, his embodiment of extravagance, and how his visible, yet closeted homosexuality remains an important part of his legacy.

Cost:  Free (Free Parking)
Location: Cedar Crest Retirement Community - 1702 S River Rd - Janesville, WI 53546
Categorized as: Community Events, Educational, History & Heritage
Phone: (608) 373-6304
Date(s):  10/20/22 2:00 PM