Marz Timms is an internationally known actor/comedian who plays the character Van Howard on the NETFLIX original series EASY, seasons 1 & 2. Marz voices the character Jax in the popular Mortal Kombat video game, and is the former In-Arena Host for the Chicago Bulls where he performed for 34,000 screaming fans at home games. Timms and his comedy group Pimprov are featured on the HULU tv show Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog Forks It as the show to see when traveling to Chicago. The show is 18+ and a Valid ID is required.

Cost:  $15 (Free Parking)
Location: Comedy Cabin - 120 N Crosby Ave - Janesville, WI 53548
Categorized as: Comedy
Date(s):  3/30/23 7:30 PM