Created during Art Infusion 2020, this symbolic mural was painted by Jaime Brown, working with Karim Jabbari. The collaborative team has starkly different beginnings: Brown was born and raised in Wisconsin and Jabbari in Tunisia, North Africa. This combination create a perfect contrasting core, blending their fusion of art styles. The building address is 21 S Jackson St, but the mural is on the Franklin Street side. From the artist:
"The arrows on the top represent the forward thinking of the city.
The zigzags represent the river running through downtown.
The diamonds on the right are a stalk of wheat, from its earlier days establishing itself as an agricultural community.
The horizontal bars on the bottom are for the fallen tree trunks during the lumber/industrial part of the city.
The vertical lines are the train tracks for when the city became connected by rail. (huge move for exportation of goods, obviously)
And the two purple circles that intersect show a woman looking down and working on something. The small circle is her head, the big one is her body and the mango color is her face. She could be making a quilt, she could be making dinner. But generally speaking the woman is the heartbeat of the home. Those homes and families are the heartbeat of the community."

Artist's website:

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Address: 21 S Jackson St - Janesville - WI, 53548