For a unique experience, visit the Joan and John Evans Legacy Sundial, an interactive sundial where YOU cast the shadow that tells the time. All sundials need an element that casts a shadow to the correct hour of the day and this sundial uses a person to do that. With only three other human sundials in Wisconsin, the Joan and John Evans Legacy sundial provides a uniquely fun and educational experience for people of all ages. Located near Rotary Botanic Gardens, the Janesville Ice Arena, and Downtown, the sundial adds a free fun experience to a day out for the whole family, and is an educational resource for educators, youth groups, summer camps and after-school programs. Officially called an analemmatic sundial, visit the links shared here for information about astronomy, sundials, and related topics. Images of iconic regional plants and animals are placed next to their corresponding months on the sundial to represent seasonal cycles as a reminder that nearly all life on earth is connected to the relative motions and positions of the sun, earth and moon. Click here for information about the plants and animals shown on the sundial. For fun and educational activities for all ages (pre-K through adult), click on these links: PreK-Adult Entertainment Projects, Sundial History & Mechanics, Sundial Vocabulary, and Family and Educator Links.
This sundial was inspired by John H. Evans, a professor of physics and astronomy at UW-Oshkosh from February 1, 1961 to May 31, 1994. He dedicates it to his wife Joan, "the light of my life," and hopes that it will arouse in others a curiosity about our planet, sun and universe. The Joan and John Evans Legacy Sundial was installed and unveiled in the spring of 2022 by the Evans family to honor the memory and legacy of Joan and John Evans, loving parents and grandparents. This sundial is listed with the North American Sundial Society (NASS), whose website is full of educational activities and resources and includes a registry of sundials across the US (listed per state).

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