Painted during Art Infusion 2022, this striking monochromatic mural by Paola Delfin of Mexico City, Mexico celebrates Janesville's strong ties to farming and agriculture. She began by learning about Janesville's roots, including meeting with community members connected to farming (some of whom are depicted in the mural). Muralists use a variety of methods to transfer their small scale work to the large scale of the wall. Paola uses a fascinating method called a doodle grid, in which she scribbles shapes and letters on the wall, photographs that, digitally overlays it on her sketch, then uses that as a reference to transfer her painting. The doodle is no longer visible in the completed mural, but it briefly was a fascinating bit of artwork in itself.

Growing up in a land where art and culture always played a fundamental role, Paola understands the importance of involving society in the artistic process and making it available to any audience. "I want to create a mural that relates to the people, a work that tells the story of the people who make Janesville so special," said Paola Delfin. "I want to create a work that helps remind them that they live in an inspiring beautiful town with hard-working people, and also try to help them know a bit more about some characters of the city and their stories."

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